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Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) is a unique method of machining that enables the cutting of complex profiles, tapers, small parts and delicate sections with tight tolerances while maintaining clean smooth finishes. Not every tool room or shop can afford to have this machine tool, given the cost of consumables, maintenance, and the necessary training to operate in-house. Alpha Wire EDM's great communication and service allows your manufacturing company to outsource your project needs. By "providing outsourcing the right way" we can keep your costs down and keep your production department producing.

As one of our developing service lines We hope to provide Central and Western Wisconsin Tool and die shops as well as our core Extrusion tool room customers with a reliable EDM service they can count on.

Benefits of Wire EDM:

  • No tool pressure or vibration keeps finish smooth and tolerance predictable to .00001 of an inch in most cases.

  • The Erosion method can cut almost any conductive material regardless of hardness.

  • Five axis motion cuts smooth tapers and transitions better than traditional milling.

  • Inside corners can be cut down to .005" radius or relived with minimal over cut due to the small wire diameter.

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