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CNC Machining

Alpha Wire EDM is a CNC machine shop at its core. We may specialize in breaker plates and wire EDM but our capabilities extend far beyond that! We take on lots of different CNC machining jobs and provide our customers with rapid quoting, competitive pricing, and fast delivery.  

Materials used include

  • Plastics

  • Brass/Bronze

  • Aluminum

  • Carbon Steel

  • Stainless / PH Steels

  • Tool Steel

CNC Turning

Sleeve Bushing

In this example, we produced a run of 150 sleeve bushings from Delrin (Acetal Copolymer) Material. The first two set ups were performed on the CNC lathe and The final Cross hole was added in a mill operation.  

CNC Milling

3D surfacing

This entire part is made on the Mill in two setups. The photo shows the mill moving in a 3-axis tool path to surface finish a curving contour on the part. Our CNC mill has infinite block lookahead and high-speed machining capabilities to complete this task easily. 

Wire EDM

Core Roughing with Precision Finish

In the picture to the left, the wire EDM is employed to erode out a core slug that is 4 times as tall as it is wide. It also had relatively small inside corner radii. The customer's shop provided the part partially finished on the mill with a through hole drilled for us to center the feature on. The wire is automatically threaded through the part at the hole and "probes" for the center of the hole. It then cuts out the core slug and completes 3 more finishing passes to complete the feature that would have been very challenging for traditional milling operations.

Surface Grinding

Tool Steel Knives

We machined some industrial cutting knives from A2 tool steel and sent them to a Heat Treating Vendor for a certified Hardness of 48-50 RC. When They returned We employed the Surface grinder to finish the thickness and cutting edge. 

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