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At Alpha Wire EDM we strive to use the best available technology to accomplish the job at hand. But we also realize that these are changing times and not all businesses have the resources to work side by side with those that are fully embracing modern manufacturing technology. We offer the following engineering and design services to businesses and individuals who need communicate their product or idea to a larger more modern market.

CAD Drawing

Creation of digital 3D model or digital 2D print from a hand sketch or existing 2D paper

or digital print. Digital models have a variety of uses in modern manufacturing:

  • They can be used to represent a part visually sometimes called a rendering.

  • Parts can be 3D printed in many materials using just the 3D model file.

  • A part can be test fit to another or an entire assembly.

  • Other service providers can use different software to run various tests of strength, heat transference or other performance metrics.

  • Computer aided manufacturing software commonly used by anyone with a CNC controlled machine such as a Water jet, Laser/Plasma cutter or machining center uses digital models or 2D drawing files to program the machines motion.

  • If applying for a patent or trade rights a drawing or representation of your part can be a critical requirement in the process.

  • You can share or email these models or prints to many vendors anywhere in the world making quoting a simpler faster process.

Reverse Engineering: As defined by Google: the reproduction of an original part or product following detailed examination of its construction or composition. We start with your part or product that has already been made and is in hand. Precisely measure it and create a digital 3D model of that part and all its physical features. 2D manufacturing drawings that include dimensions and tolerances can then be extracted and created from the data of the model.

Breaker Plate Design Autodesk

Drawing file Conversion: When a manufacturer is provided with a digital file that doesn't fit their needs we may be able to convert that file into something usable by their equipment. We currently work with Autodesk Fusion 360 and Bob Cad CAM V31 but we can handle files of the following types;

.dwg .dxf .dwf .igs .iges .stp .step .sld .f3d .sat .smt .pdf .mcx .mc9 .mc8 .X_B .X_B .XMT_TXT .prt .asm .sab .vda .3dm .sldprt .sldasm .slddrw .par .psm .asm .ipt .iam .idw .ckd .cdl

Autodesk Assembely model

Design for manufacturing: if you are considering producing a product or part, many different methods of manufacturing may be able to produce that part. The type of manufacturing that is best for your part may depend on the features of the part, its requirements or its batch quantity. We can help you determine that and get you started finding out some of the costs of taking your product to market. We can also show you what can be changed or redesigned on your part to be able to make it in the most cost effective way for a given process.

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