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We make all types of breaker plates; standard pattern, mixing inverter, straight slotted, circular slotted, oval patterns, and odd shapes. We can make them completely custom for R&D, or we can rip off an order of 50 for multiple screen changer lines. Being a CNC shop, we have the capacity to do it rapidly. Just send us the print and we will get back to you with a quote within one day.



In 1995 three men started a company which solely made breaker plates for the extrusion industry. They kept this Breaker Plate Machining Company (BPM, INC) successful throughout two tough manufacturing recessions. In 2015 the last of the original three owners of BPM, INC retired, and the assets and operations became a part of Alpha Wire EDM, LLC.  


We are proud to continue their services today, 25 years from when it all began. Our BPM work cell can get your plates shipped fast and made to order at less than your in-house cost! Because we specifically focus on breaker plates, your tool room guys can keep doing what they need to do. No more reworking the schedule, breaking out of set ups, or burning up drill bits. Just make the call, or send an email and the box shows up at your desk in a week or so. It's that simple

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