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This plate is .0025 too thin to be sold as factory spec so we are discounting it.  Made from wear and corrosion-resistant 440C stainless steel, this breaker plate is designed to fit in a Davis Standard thermatic 4.5" extruder. Specs = 1.374-1.376" thickness is OEM spec this plate is 1.3715", 5.742-5.745" OD, 4.5" x .250 screen pack recess with 10 degree undercut and a radial hole pattern consisting of 293 5/32" holes with blending countersinks on the inlet side. Contact us for quantity discounts or to apply for net 30 terms.

-.0035 4.5 Davis Standard breaker plate

  • This part is a little too small for factory spec thickness but most other plates use a tolerance of +/-.005 in thickness so this still falls within that range. Since this is a special offer the plate will not be returnable or refundable. IF you have any questions about this plate or any others please send an email to me at

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